Rene Schillinger – Teaching Kids to Write – Three Keys

While there are numerous studies regarding the methods for teaching reading and mathematics effectively, there are relatively few studies that address writing instruction.

rene schillinger

As an educational consultant, Rene Schillinger trains teachers how to teach writing, helping to improve literacy among students. When it comes to teaching writing, there are effective practices that help children learn to write. Here are three keys to teaching kids to write.

  • In order to teach kids to write well, they need to write often. Like with every skill learned, practice makes perfect.
  • With just fifteen additional minutes of writing each day, children can become better writers.
  • This practice not only helps improve the quality of writing, but it also improves their reading comprehension.
  • When it comes to writing papers, students were more successful when composing their papers on the computer, rather than by hand.
  • Because it is easier to delete, add, and move text on a computer, students become more comfortable editing their sentences, resulting in better writing.
  • Teaching grammar rules doesn’t help. Often times, grammar lessons feel disconnected from the actual act of writing.
  • Students tend to do better when their teachers model correct usage, showing their students how to use grammar rules in the sentences they were drafting.
  • Teaching kids how to properly construct sentences helps to improve their writing.

Rene Schillinger has been training teachers how to teach writing for more than seven years. As the owner of Schillinger Educational Consultants, he is dedicated to helping schools and school districts improve their overall academic achievement.

rene schillinger