Rene Schillinger: Fostering Literacy Among Poor Families

Rene Schillinger knows from his experience as an educator and educational consultant that family income too often determines student performance and aptitude. Except by the efforts of too few extraordinary parents, teachers, and school staff in the schools Schillinger has worked in, most low-income students struggle with literacy and other measures of student aptitude.

While working as an educational consultant, Schillinger formed a partnership with the Nativity Network of Schools, “a confederation of faith-based, but not-Catholic schools that operated across the country to provide independent school educations to students in poverty.”

The reason why many students from low-income households struggle with reading, writing, and other academic skills is their parents are too stressed or under too much pressure to earn money for their kids that they’re unengaged in their child’s learning. Students in these difficult situations need extra help from teachers and staff to help fill the void, according to Rene Schillinger.

Rene Schillinger understands the struggles that schools with large low-income populations deal with and works with them to set up systems for struggling students whenever he can for his clients.

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Author: Rene Schillinger

Rene Schillinger is a highly educated professional. He is a consultant and the owner of Schillinger Educational Consultants. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Lehigh University in 1988 and then chose to continue his education. In 1993, he graduated from New York University with a Master of Arts in English Education. He enjoyed studying in this field and used his education to become a consultant.

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