Rene Schillinger – Techniques for Teaching Reading

Rene Schillinger, founder and President of Schillinger Educational Consultants, has been working with schools and school districts who are trying to improve their literacy instruction.

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The goal for many teachers is to help students learn reading strategies that will help to maximize their comprehension of text. To accomplish this, teachers need to focus on the process of reading rather than its product. They can do this by focusing on the following:

Developing their students’ awareness of the reading process and strategies by having them think and talk about how they read.

  • Allowing students to practice all of their reading strategies by using authentic reading tasks. Giving them a wide choice of reading material students are encouraged to read to learn.
  • Focus on reading strategies that will work best for the type of text and reading purpose. Then explain how and why these strategies should be used.
  • Having students practice these strategies both in class and outside of class through their reading assignments.
  • Encouraging students to evaluate their comprehension and self-report how they used these strategies.
  • Encouraging the development of reading skills and using reading strategies through target language that conveys instructions and course-related information.

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When teachers raise their students’ awareness of reading as a skill that requires active engagement, teachers can help their students develop their ability to read and their confidence to handle communication situations they may encounter outside of class.

Rene Schillinger is dedicated to helping teachers improve their literacy instruction through reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

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Author: Rene Schillinger

Rene Schillinger is a highly educated professional. He is a consultant and the owner of Schillinger Educational Consultants. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Lehigh University in 1988 and then chose to continue his education. In 1993, he graduated from New York University with a Master of Arts in English Education. He enjoyed studying in this field and used his education to become a consultant.