Rene Schillinger – Three Ways Literacy Can Help Communities

Literacy can help communities in many different ways. Rene Schillinger is dedicated to education and literacy.

Rene Schillinger earned a Master of Arts in English Education from New York University and he is a doctoral candidate at Columbia University.

Rene Schillinger has given many presentations on topics related to literacy and he has published several academic articles. Rene Schillinger is the president and owner of Schillinger Educational Consultants and works hard to help educators and schools.

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Literacy can help communities in many ways. Low-income communities often have low rates of literacy for many reasons.

Improving the schools in these areas can improve literacy, which in turn and help the community develop and grow. If students in the community earn a great education, they can break the cycle of poverty in their community.

Literacy can also help communities by improving the lives of individual families. Teaching people how to read can lead to family members getting better jobs and moving up through their companies. If individual families begin to learn and improve, the community may improve as a whole.

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If an individual has strong reading and writing skills, he or she may be more inclined to become an entrepreneur or business owner. Opening new businesses in a community can improve the local economy and the local neighborhood.

Literacy is an important tool for people to master. Rene Schillinger is highly education and is focused on helping people become literate. He consults with educators as well as schools to provide important tools and information.

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Author: Rene Schillinger

Rene Schillinger is a highly educated professional. He is a consultant and the owner of Schillinger Educational Consultants. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Lehigh University in 1988 and then chose to continue his education. In 1993, he graduated from New York University with a Master of Arts in English Education. He enjoyed studying in this field and used his education to become a consultant.