Rene Schillinger: Tennis Enthusiast

Rene Schillinger was interested mostly in the arts—reading, writing, singing, acting—in high school and college, but he always held an affinity for some sports, especially tennis.

Rene Schillinger “moved to NYC to pursue an advanced degree at Teachers College, Columbia University” after getting married and soon started working in education, eventually becoming an educational consultant for several schools and school districts around the United States.Rene Schillinger became involved with the Nativity Network of Schools, a group of faith-based, non-Catholic schools that worked across the country to help provide education to students living in poverty.

Rene Schillinger still dabbles in music composition and poetry, but sometimes to unwind, he loves to whack a small furry ball over a net. Schillinger sees benefits of playing sports not only to himself and his personal energy level, but also to children trying to learn. Exercise does wonders for the brain while allowing for a “break” from trying to cram as much information into one’s mind as possible.

Rene Schillinger loves playing tennis the best, because it’s something he can focus his mind on after work.

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Rene Schillinger: Fostering Literacy Among Poor Families

Rene Schillinger knows from his experience as an educator and educational consultant that family income too often determines student performance and aptitude. Except by the efforts of too few extraordinary parents, teachers, and school staff in the schools Schillinger has worked in, most low-income students struggle with literacy and other measures of student aptitude.

While working as an educational consultant, Schillinger formed a partnership with the Nativity Network of Schools, “a confederation of faith-based, but not-Catholic schools that operated across the country to provide independent school educations to students in poverty.”

The reason why many students from low-income households struggle with reading, writing, and other academic skills is their parents are too stressed or under too much pressure to earn money for their kids that they’re unengaged in their child’s learning. Students in these difficult situations need extra help from teachers and staff to help fill the void, according to Rene Schillinger.

Rene Schillinger understands the struggles that schools with large low-income populations deal with and works with them to set up systems for struggling students whenever he can for his clients.

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Rene Schillinger: Teaching Writing

Rene Schillinger recognizes how many students are frustrated by writing and writing assignments. Most people can’t write as fast as they think, and keeping ones’ thoughts organized at all takes heavy discipline.

Rene Schillinger, as a teaching consultant and former partner at several learning and educational organizations, understands the frustration and seeks to help schools and school districts improve their student aptitude.

Rene Schillinger

Rene Schillinger “became an educational consultant working with schools and school districts to train teachers in “best practices” related to the teaching of reading, the teaching of writing, of fluency, comprehension, “close reading,” phonics, research writing, vocabulary acquisition” after working with schools for years.

Rene Schillinger found that writing is not a skill a young person can pick up by diffusion. The best way to learn how to put words in the right order is to practice hard. That’s why he encourages the schools he works with to implement writing courses that feature plenty of assignments and opportunities for students to practice and find their talent.

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Rene Schillinger was a doctoral candidate at Columbia University in English Education and earned his Master’s degree in English Education at New York University.

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Rene Schillinger: Backgrounds and Cultures

Rene Schillinger has lived in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Falls Church and Arlington in Virginia and Alexandria, Virginia in the United States.

Educator Rene Schillinger today is a true child of New York, cheering on the New York Mets and the New York Giants at sports contests.

Rene Schillinger

Educated at Lehigh University and the Teachers College of Columbia University in New York City, Rene Schillinger is a renowned educational consultant today through his Schillinger Educational Consultants.

An extensive world traveler, Rene Schillinger brings the education of experience to his cosmopolitan view of literacy for the disadvantaged and poor of the world.

Rene Schillinger

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Rene Schillinger: Memories made with his family

The family of Rene Schillinger lived in their home in Austria while overseas, traveling about to popular cities in Italy like Venice, Florence, Rome and Forte de Marmi.

Germany was also an exciting destination for day trips, and cities like Munich, Erlangen, Nab burg and Regensburg were often enjoyed.  In Austria, Schillinger gained a lifelong love of Salzburg and Vienna with the memories made with his family there.

As an adult, Schillinger made trips to Montecatini, Italy and Amsterdam in Holland and Paris and Nice in France, as well as St. Petersburg in Russia, Budapest in Hungary and Prague and Carlsbad in Czechoslovakia.

Rene Schillinger learned of a world melting pot of cultures and languages, and uses these experiences to form his view of education.

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Rene Schillinger: A Peace Corps volunteers

The training of teachers involved Rene Schillinger in close work passing on the best practices utilized in teaching reading, writing, fluency, comprehension, phonics, research writing, vocabulary addition and retention and the common core approach of close reading.

Close reading emphasizes reading and discussion of text, re-reading for comprehension and identification of key ideas and details.

Rene Schillinger  myriad educational consulting experiences saw him enjoy a variety of relationships, especially the collaboration he formed with the Nativity Network of Schools.

Nativity Network of Schools helped provide quality education to poor students and the disadvantaged, and Schillinger worked with Nativity students in different geographic locations across the United States including Philadelphia, Portland, Oregon, Brownsville, Texas, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Wilmington, Delaware.

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Rene Schillinger:An Educational Consultant

Rene Schillinger moved to New York City after his marriage to pursue an education at the Teachers College of Columbia University in New York City in the United States.

Rene Schillinger worked as a supervisor of student teachers while teaching courses through the English Education Department.

Schillinger excelled and was hired from 2001 to 2004 to be Director of the Office of Field Support Supports under the Registrar where hundreds of student teachers serving in the field at any given time are processed and trained.

Rene Schillinger helped assure that student teachers were up to date on their certifications from both New York State and New York City.

Rene Schillinger works today as an educational consultant out of Poughkeepsie, New York in the United States.

Always concerned first with education for the disadvantaged, Schillinger is passionate about teaching reading and writing, a process which he believes helps break the cycle of poverty by elevating the literacy of those who struggle to change their economic situation.

Providing education which will improve literacy comprehension, which includes teaching vocabulary, means that effective teachers need to be available where they are needed most, in the most depressed areas. Schillinger is the author of academic articles on literacy and has presented a variety of talks dealing with the effect on literacy of effective instructional techniques.

Rene Schillinger believes in improved teacher education through top level collegiate preparation. Rene Schillinger advocates for effective higher education in general, and high levels of academic instruction for future teachers in particular.

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